Attention! Before enrolling in any online education class for a traffic offense in Louisiana YOU MUST contact the jurisdiction where you received your ticket to determine IF completing this online class will allow your ticket to be removed/dismissed.

If you live outside Louisiana you should NOT contact your State's DMV before or after using our service. Our service will keep the ticket off your driving record in Louisiana. If you do contact your State's DMV, they may turn down the program.

This program will also prevent your ticket from being reported to your insurance company.

How It Works

Ticket Testing is a Louisiana online course designed to assist Louisiana and out of state drivers who have received a traffic ticket. You pay for the course by credit card, view a video presentation, and complete an exam, all online. You may use a computer, tablet, or cell phone to take the course, but your MUST be able to PRINT the Confirmation Page.

When you begin you will provide basic information about yourself and your ticket.

  1. You must watch the video
  2. You must successfully complete the exam
  3. Print the Conformation Page
  4. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS on the Confirmation Page
  5. Get Started for Only $39.99* * Some jurisdictions may have an additional $15.01 surcharge (allowed by the state), bringing the cost to $55.00. Can't Decide If The Cost Is Worth It?If you are having trouble deciding whether or not you can AFFORD to take the course, call your Insurance Agent and ask how much monthly insurance charges increase and for how long.

About Us

M & J Associates, Inc. was formed over 30 years ago to provide education classes for court ordered and pre-trial diversion attendees. The next year STOP, Defensive Driving, and Driver Improvement classes were added. The principals of the firm have over 150 years of experience in education and the criminal justice system. We have conducted classes for thousands of people across Louisiana.

We are a LOUISIANA BASED COMPANY and are longterm residents of Louisiana and tax-payers. We know our state and its people from Monroe to New Orleans and from Lake Charles to Shreveport. You will feel comfortable knowing that you are working with people who are in-state and available to meet your needs.

Learn More

Our Benefits is a simple, valid, and legal means to keep Louisiana tickets off your driving record. Our course saves you money, time, gas, and increased insurance costs by insuring your ticket will not be reported to the state. For the past 30 years our company has been providing education courses throughout the state dealing with driver education and criminal justice. This online course is current and makes you one of the most educated drivers in the state.

We know it is difficult to find live classes when one has received a ticket. Often there are no live courses taught nearby and that is very frustrating. With this online course that problem no longer exists. We designed this online course at the highest level for people who need access. This course reflects 30 years of experience in educating drivers of Louisiana and out of state drivers with a high-quality course at a reasonable rate. This allows one to keep a clean driving record. This course educates you in learning the challenge of becoming a better defensive driver. Driving safely without distractions on roads and highways in protects you, your family, and friends. Most of all, it saves lives. Register now and save time, trouble, and money.

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